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Wedgit Door Lock

My name is Tom Sullivan and my company is Accession, Inc., located in Hamilton, NJ. We are a start-up pet products manufacturer and distributor. Our first product was going to be a unique sliding glass patio pet door I designed and patented called the “Wedgit™ Portable Pet Portal” for sliding glass patio doors. I say this was going to be our first product because it now looks like our first product to market will be a patent pending sliding window and patio door lock, the “Widget™ Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window & Patio Door Lock.

I was first acquainted with Shore Plastics Technologies through a referral from a mold maker in 2006 when trying to develop the feasibility and associated costs for my product. From the very first phone conversation I found the staff at Shore Plastic Technologies to be open, honest, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Our collaborative efforts to bring this project from a design concept to a superior line of products with performance, features and benefits resulted in no less than five patents either awarded or pending as of this writing. All of this was accomplished while engineering the components involving injection molding, blow molding and extrusion technologies to keep costs in line with a competitive retail price point. With the Shore Plastics Technologies team behind me I know I have people who understand what I am saying and trying to accomplish even when I do not. They are a great asset to my current and future endeavors.

Tom Sullivan
President, Accession, Inc.

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AbioSystems, LLC and kensVentions ®

Kenneth Alley.com , (AlleyIP) creates, develops, and manages a diverse intellectual property portfolio in applied physics, comprehensive engineering technologies, health and miscellaneous industrial sciences and electronics. Kenneth is the author/inventor of numerous patent publications and pending applications (50+) worldwide. Alley has spent the past 20 years in executive management with a primary focus in new product development, product design, engineering, manufacturing (IBM,IM) and industrial sciences.

I had the good fortune to have met Shore Plastics Technologies when Rick Lappine and Pete Zelinski started out in their first small office back in the late 90’s. I am proud, to be one of their first customers who still to this day rely on their combined engineering skills ranging from complex multi-cam mold designs to novel innovative part designs. I have seen them successfully grow from their old offices to a new modern facility. I consider the Shore Plastics Team as business partners, friends, and advisors. When I need them and/or their feedback, they are there! They work with small inventors or large companies and treat both the same with honesty, integrity and with the common goal to provide the best service they can. I am in the idea business and they are a key component of bringing my ideas to reality.

Kenneth Alley, President/CEO

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